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Casa Noble Quality Tequila Made the Right Way(1)
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tequila flight

Let this award-winning, triple-distilled luxury tequila speak for itself with a flight of three distinct varieties.

Crystal - Enticing aromas set the palate for flavors of honey, buttery-sweet cooked agave and a hint of citrus.

Reposado - Vanilla, lemongrass, and floral notes are balanced with flavors of sweet cooked agave and toasted oak.

Anejo - Dried fruits and spice complement flavors of toasted oak, vanilla, butterscotch and sweet cooked agave.


  • Casa Noble founder Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo’s family has 7 generations of tequila-making experience

  • Most tequilas are distilled twice; ours is one of the few triple-distilled tequilas, resulting in a smoother finish

  • Boutique distillery located in the city of Tequila, Mexico

  • Award-winning tequila

  • Aged in French white oak barrels, for longer than the category norm

  • Made in small batches using time-honored techniques

  • Made from estate grown 100% Blue Weber Agave

  • Certified Organic Blue Agave

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