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The fascinating history of Saddlerock Ranch dates back some 300 years when the vast expanse of land surrounding the Santa Monica Mountains was part of the original Spanish Land Grant. The 200,000-acre site is a perfect spot for raising sheep and cattle. Up until the 1930s the area was known as El Malibu. 

Local caves are still covered with pictographs painted by the Chumash Indians, which date back to the Portola Expedition of 1769. These pictographs have become very rare due to erosion and weathering, but some of the most well preserved examples remain on the Saddlerock Ranch property and have been studied by archeologists and photographed for books.

Today the ranch is home to Malibu Family Wine’s offices, four wedding and event locations, 100 acres of vines, a host of exotic animals (zebra, camel, giraffe, llama, alpaca, yak, highland cow, etc.…), Malibu Wine Safari tours, and the Semler family! 

Malibu Wine Safaris offers various tours of the ranch, which include interaction with some of the animals as well as wine tastings at some of the ranch’s most stunning vistas.

Saddlerock Cabernet Sauvignon

Subtle notes of tart red berry aromas give way to an incredibly smooth experience on the palate filled with blackberry, black currant and hints of vanilla.

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